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"This trial notebook system will cut your final trial prep time by as much as 60%. This trial notebook system works!"

Leonard H. Bucklin Leonard Bucklin
Civil Trial Attorney

Dear Fellow Attorney,

If you're like me, preparing the paperwork and spending hours of time preparing for trial is not your favorite part of being a lawyer.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the actual litigation, but all the preparation to get to the courtroom can zap nearly every ounce of energy.

Before I had a "trial notebook system," I had found myself (on more occasions that I'd like to admit) working well into the wee hours of the morning preparing for a trial that started at 9 a.m. the next morning.

The fact is, most attorneys don't like going to trial for one simple reason:

They are not prepared for their trial.

That does not have to be you.

How would you feel if I could show you a very inexpensive way to prepare your trial? What if I could give you a "paint by numbers" approach to organizing your trial?

Better yet, what if I could show you how a simple system that is cutting total - to - trial preparation by 45... 55... and even up to 60%. Those are serious numbers. But in less time you will be better organized.

While practicing for 35 years, in a successful five state litigation practice, I developed and refined a comprehensive lawyer litigation notebook system. I stress the word "system." (It has worked now for attorneys in states across the country. What really makes me as the author feel good are the positive comments that are volunteered to me from both new attorneys and also from some of the top trial attorneys in the country.)

Most attorneys have no real system to prepare for trial. Typically, I see opposing counsel fumbling through their files, stalling, wasting the court's time and embarrassing themselves because they are not totally prepared for trial, and they have no real system to keep them organized.

But that doesn't have to be you.

"Although I have been in solo practice for six years, I had never been able to go to trial. When this case came up and I realized that there couldn't be a settlement, I began to look for information on trial presentation When I narrowed my search to trial notebooks, I began to research for the best and most effective. That was when I found you and your firm.

Speaking as a "rookie" the information you sent made me feel very comfortable in preparing for trial. Everything seemed to be there. It answered my questions and gave an organized direction in preparing for my first trial as an attorney.

---Robert E. Brode, California attorney.

What surprises most people is how far from maximum efficiency they actually are!

Now, I'm giving you a look at what seasoned litigation attorneys have been using for years. In fact, my LitigationReady™ trial notebook litigation system is so powerful, even experienced attorneys will wonder how you beat them.

This proven system is guaranteed to organize your case in less time, with more efficiency. And, you'll be so prepared for your trial, you can focus on being your best in the court room.

Whether you are a 15 year experienced trial attorney, or with less experience, this system will make you better prepared, faster, smarter, than you ever have been.

Everyone agrees: preparation is the key to a successful trial. Preparation builds power and confidence that the other side notices. You not only look like you are ready for trial --- you are ready. Therefore, prepare the fastest and best organized way.

"I loved the layout of the book. SO clear and organized. You give very detailed instructions, e.g., 'automatically reproduce pp 13-42 for every case' & 'give secretary next 2 pages of systems for instructions.'....The forms were a bonus. The voir dire form was excellent and give a relatively new litigator like me (not too many jury trials when one does divorces, adoptions, and custody battles) a little more confidence."

-- J. Reidel, Arizona attorney.

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